Matthew Angel, Manager of Westgate Dog Doors

Help Your Dog Stay Healthy with a Doggy Door

When your dog can get outside and ‘take care of business’ whenever she needs to, she’ll stay healthier because her urinary and digestive tracts will not be stressed with waiting until you get home.

Many dogs can ‘hold it’ for many hours when they’re mature, but develop problems when they’re older. Don’t wait until your beloved dog has problems – get a high quality, energy efficient pet door installed now.

Pet Doors that Enhance Your Home

Don’t settle for a dog door that clashes with your décor. Westgate Dog Doors can provide you with the perfect pet door installed in the perfect place for you and your pet’s convenience.

With 4 frame colors that are available in 11 sizes, there’s just the right doggie door for your home.

Keep the Outside Air Out with an Energy Efficient Dog Door

With our hot climate, it’s important to keep our conditioned air in while the heat stays out. Double flap pet doors with brush weather-stripping and 5X stronger Alnico magnets that hold the flaps closed let less cool air escape than opening your ‘people’ door to let your dog out and back in again.

So keep your home comfortable and your energy bills down with a professionally installed energy efficient Hale Pet Door.

For your pet’s sake, call 602-730-2161 today to schedule installation of the best pet door for your home and your pet.



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